Latest ClaimsDiesel Emissions Scandal: Could You Make a Compensation Claim?

Diesel Emissions Scandal: Could You Make a Compensation Claim?

The diesel emissions scandal has caused international outrage after many top car manufacturers have been found to have been misleading consumers about the emissions output of their vehicles. 

Now, thousands people nationwide are claiming against these companies after being misled on the efficiency of their diesel vehicles.  

If you’re looking for more information on the emissions claim, keep reading... we’ll be covering everything from the eligibility criteria to potential compensation amounts. 

What is the diesel emissions scandal? 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) first discovered that Volkswagen was fitting cheat devices into millions of their diesel vehicles. It was then found that other vehicle manufacturers had also fitted the devices into their vehicles. 

Upon investigation, these devices could detect when a vehicle was being tested and therefore change its emissions output to drastically improve the results. This made the vehicles appear ‘clean’ and environmentally friendly.  

However, it was discovered the real-world emissions levels of these diesel vehicles were up to 40 x higher than the legal limit. There are currently several leading manufacturers involved in the diesel emissions scandal, including:  

  • Audi

  •  Mercedes  

  • SEAT 

  • Skoda  

  • Vauxhall 

  • Volkswagen 

Why should you claim compensation?

If the accused companies are found guilty of emissions fraud in the UK, millions of drivers would have been deceived about their vehicle at the point of sale. 

For example, Mercedes claimed that their AdBlue technology created their ‘cleanest cars ever’... which was incorrect. 

These multi-million-pound corporations need to be held accountable for not only mis-leading consumers, but for failing to comply with EU emissions regulations and potentially affecting the environment and people’s health with toxic fumes. 

Vehicle owners could also have suffered higher maintenance and fuel costs than expected. Presently, only way to recover this money is by making a claim for compensation.  

How likely is it that you will receive compensation?

There have been multiple similar legal claims worldwide... and many settlements have already been agreed, resulting in payouts worth millions. Take a look at some of the successful outcomes below:  

  • The Volkswagen Group agreed to pay $14.7 billion (£10.6 billion) to approximately 475,000 US diesel vehicle owners. 

  • Australian drivers also won their claim, receiving compensation worth $125m (£66m) from VW. 

  • Another claim was settled in the US involving Mercedes, who agreed to pay $700 million (£507 million) to drivers affected by the scandal. 

The details of these past cases are similar to the UK diesel emissions claim - meaning that UK drivers have a good chance of also receiving compensation.    

Are you eligible to make a claim?  

If you match the eligibility criteria shown below, you may be able to join the no-win, no fee claim. 

  • Your vehicle has a diesel engine 

  • Your Mercedes was made between 2008 and 2018 

  • Your Vauxhall was made between 2008 and 2019 

  • Your Audi, VW, Skoda or Skoda was made between 2008 and 2015 

 Don’t worry, you can still claim if your vehicle… 

  • is a car or van 

  • was acquired a private seller, third-party dealer or manufacturer showroom 

  • was bought, financed or leased 

  • was new or used/second hand when you acquired it 

  • is no longer owned by you